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Whether it is developing a soft skill, learning a new business related one, or a general workshop on health and wellness, there are lots of options to explore. We begin with a survey, to understand your team’s interests and preferences.
Keeping the goal in mind we can either provide you with a list of training for you to choose from or create a customized training plan for your team. Upon your approval, we will coordinate with required parties to confirm training/workshops.
Most beneficial feature is that the workshops can be arranged both virtually and in-person. The possibilities are simply infinite.
Corporate Event Planning
Make every occasion an opportunity to celebrate - tell us all that you need and together we can devise a memorable event for your organization.
For managing all your events outside the office premises, let us be your experts in planning an unforgettable event for your organization. From venue to catering, deciding on a theme to the activities, we’ve mastered the art of management.
Holding a Gala night for your employees? Organizing an annual picnic? Planning for a volunteer day? Leave it to us.
Employee Engagement
Whether working hybrid, remote or on-site, together we can create a sense of community within your organization. From minor process changes to activities like potlucks, weekly check-ins & monthly events; the options are endless, but the aim remains one - to bring your employees together and empower them with a sense of belongingness.
Get in touch with us for your customized employee engagement solutions.
Interesting Fact: Employees who are engaged at work put in 57% more effort than those who are disengaged.

Workshops & Training
Business Support
What’s the best part? The entire service is remote, saving you time, space and cost.

From scheduling meetings, doing diligent follow-up, and finding the right vendor to making arrangements & coordinating appointments - our team is dedicated to meeting your business and administration support needs and delivering a solution within 1-2 business days.

Gift Coordination
A gift can be much more than a box with a bow.
We specialize in gift baskets, branded merchandise, exquisite selection of wine and spirits, edible items, flower arrangements, bakery baskets, postcards, electronic devices and more to create the feeling of gratitude.
Travel & Entertainment Management
Seamlessly delegate your business-related travel and entertainment booking to us.
Gone are the days, when a meeting was limited to a boardroom and a whiteboard. The world today believes in keeping their clients entertained. Take them out for a golf session, or plan a special wine tasting night - we are committed to coming up with out of the box ideas and their execution, that will help you foster your relationships.

Flights? Check. Car? Check. Hotel? Check. Relax and sit back while we manage your flight scheduling, last-minute changes, client meetings, and more.
Our team is here to help create a memorable gift to celebrate your employees personal success, welcome a new employee, design thank you gifts for your clients, plan the company's branding merchandise or a customized idea. The options are endless.
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Discover the world of convenience with us.
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